Guidelines For Affiliate Groups

It is strongly suggested that these guidelines are read carefully and followed closely in order to help you submit a request that will accepted.

  • Understand that AresServ groups are intended for groups, they are meant to be shared by users in a community, and are thus different from Vhosts.
  • If you already have an AresServ group DO NOT APPLY FOR ANOTHER ONE, it will be rejected. First leave your current group, see Leaving Groups for more information.
  • If you are not fairly high up on the access list of the associated channel don't bother applying yourself, request a channel operator apply.
  • Don't get other people to apply on your behalf, this almost always results in losing control of your group.
  • Use as few periods (.) as possible, the more you have the less likely your request will be accepted.
  • This is not your domain, do NOT submit things like, these will be rejected outright.
  • Only use alphanumeric characters (a-Z, 0-9), . and -.
  • Don't include your nickname, this will be prepended (inserted at the beginning) to your user mask automatically.
  • Requests are scored based on various criteria:
    • First and foremost is the association between the channel name, the group name and the mask that you choose.
    • Every period (.) in the group reduces the score dramatically, use as few as possible.

After reading these guidelines carefully you can proceed with Registering.

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