Maintaining Access Lists


Following on from Access Levels; ChanServ has shortcuts to maintaining your access lists. These are VOP, HOP, AOP and SOP which represent voice (+v), half-op (+h), operator (+o) and super-op (+a and +o) respectively.

NOTE: Not all commands will be used in the examples below but they all behave identically and are thus interchangeable, simply replace the command name with the one for the mode you are interested in.

Who can use what?

Using these shortcuts in a channel is restricted to what access level you currently have in that channel. For example, an AOP can modify the HOP, and VOP lists, only a channel's founder or a SOP can modify the AOP list and only someone with greater than SOP (such as the founder) can modify the SOP list.

Listing access levels

List all the current users with auto-voice (+v):

/msg ChanServ VOP <#channel> LIST

Adding a user

Add a user to the auto-hop (+h) access list:

/msg ChanServ HOP <#channel> ADD <nick>

NOTE: The user must have a registered nick to be added to an access list, see Registering for more information.

Removing a user

Remove a user from the auto-hop (+h) access list:

/msg ChanServ HOP <#channel> DEL <nick>

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