Unregistering Channels

Just like you can register a channel you too can unregister one, referred to as "dropping" a channel, by
using the ChanServ DROP command. In order to drop a channel you will need to identify yourself to
ChanServ using the IDENTIFY command:

>>> /msg ChanServ IDENTIFY #some_channel the_chanserv_password
-ChanServ(services@shadowfire.org)- Password accepted -- you now have founder-level access to #some_channel.

Once you've successfully identified yourself to ChanServ for your channel you can proceed to drop it:

>>> /msg ChanServ DROP #some_channel
-ChanServ(services@shadowfire.org)- Channel #some_channel has been dropped.

You can check that the channel was dropped by doing:

>>> /msg ChanServ INFO #some_channel
-ChanServ(services@shadowfire.org)- Channel #some_channel isn't registered.

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