Flood Protection

The +f channel mode provides comprehensive flood protection for a channel, this mode allows you to prevent join, nick change, CTCP, text and knock floods.

NOTE: The command below does not follow all of the rules set out by CommandSyntax. In this case [] are literal square brackets while {} are the optional parameters. This is how the +f mode works.


/mode <#channel> +f [<amount><type>{#<action>}{,...}]:<seconds>



This specifies the number of times the desired flood type (see below) must occur before the action is taken.


Type Name Default action Other available actions
c CTCP +C m, M
j Join +i R
k Knock +K
m Messages +m M
n Nick change +N
t Text kick b

The difference between the m and t types is that m is tallied for any and all user text in the channel and t is tallied per user.


This is the action to take / mode to set when the flood protection is triggered. See the above table for more information.

Actions may also specify a time (in minutes) after which the specific action will be reversed. See the examples below for more information.


This is the time period (in seconds) in which the number of events, specified by the amount parameter, must occur.


After 20 joins in 15 seconds, set +R and unset it it after 5 minutes:

/mode <#channel> +f [20j#R5]:15

After 10 joins in 15 seconds, set +i and unset it after 13 minutes. Also, if 5 lines from the same user in 15 seconds occur, kick them:

/mode <#channel> +f [10j#i13,5t]:15
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